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May 15, 2024

News You Can Use


The Admiralty Digital Catalogue combines the Paper Charts, ARCS, AVCS, ECDIS Service, Admiralty Publications and Digital Publications catalogues. The catalogue also has the facility to display current Temporary and Preliminary Notices to Mariners. 

Navigators can view the limits of all the products and overlay a ship’s route to compute the chart coverage needed for a safe passage. A typical scenario may be to select all available ENCs within the AVCS with gaps being filled in by ARCS or paper charts. An inventory function can be used to filter charts and ENCs that are already on board. The resulting list of required charts and ENCs left in the basket can be saved and emailed to a distributor of your choice as an enquiry for an order. Other products such as List of Lights or TotalTide can be selected simultaneously. The contents of the AVCS and ECDIS Service folios can also be viewed either graphically or textually. 

The catalogues can be easily updated online with the latest data to ensure the charts and products available are always current. 


Here are some steps to download the BA Chart Catalog to your computer:

The admiralty digital catalogue can be downloaded at the below link


Download the ADC_Full option


This will download a zip folder. Sive the zip folder to your desktop. Once downloaded open the folder and the click the extract all button.

An extracted/unzipped folder will be saved to the desktop. Open the extracted folder and then run the setup.exe file to install the catalog onto you computer.



If none of these resources can resolve any existing issues, please contact your ADMIRALTY Distributor. If they are unable to help then the UKHO Customer Services Team c​an be contacted on or phone +44 (0) 1823 484444.

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