Please note there is a 1-2 week turnaround time for all CHS Charts as they are ordered through the CHS Gov. We appreciate your patience!

Repair Services

Since David and Skip have retired, we recommend using these specialists for your repairs and questions.

For all Compass Adjustments & Repairs, please contact:

David Eknes *he use to work with Skip and is local in the Pacific Northwest

Eknes Instrument -Since 1964

Phone: 206-399-7876



Baker, Lyman, & Co., Inc. | Metaire, LA

Phone: 800-535-6956




To Purchase Items & Get Repairs in the Pacific Northwest, please contact: 
They service and sell magnetic compasses, sextants, peloruses, alidades and even taffrail logs.
Location: 2214 Broadway, Everett,  WA 98201
Contact: Bill Haimes-


Phone: 425-258-4120 or 888-539-2757

For all Binocular Repairs, please contact:

Suddarth Optical Repair | Henryetta, OK

Phone: 918-652-3386