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Repair Services

Since David and Skip have retired, we recommend using these specialists for your repairs and questions.

For all Compass Adjustments & Repairs, please contact:

David Eknes *he use to work with Skip and is local in the Pacific Northwest

Eknes Instrument -Since 1964

Phone: 206-399-7876



Baker, Lyman, & Co., Inc. | Metaire, LA

Phone: 800-535-6956




To Purchase Items & Get Repairs in the Pacific Northwest, please contact: 
They service and sell magnetic compasses, sextants, peloruses, alidades and even taffrail logs.
Location: 2214 Broadway, Everett,  WA 98201
Contact: Bill Haimes-


Phone: 425-258-4120 or 888-539-2757

For all Binocular Repairs, please contact:

Suddarth Optical Repair | Henryetta, OK

Phone: 918-652-3386