Voyaging Under Power, 4th Edition


By Robert P Beebe & Denis Umstot

The passagemaking bible updated to help you live your long-distance voyaging dreams

First published in 1975, Robert Beebe's Voyaging Under Power revolutionized long-distance cruising, encouraging powerboaters to enjoy what was once exclusive to sailboats and their crews: crossing oceans to exotic, interesting, and beautiful places in comfort with a minimum of problems and expense. Now power-cruising couple Denis and Mary Umstot, whose interest in power voyaging was ignited by Beebe's work, have updated Voyaging Under Power for the twenty-first century. The much anticipated Voyaging Under Power, Fourth Edition, includes Beebe's original wisdom and philosophy of passagemaking, as well as his groundbreaking thoughts on vessel stability and fuel monitoring. Fourteen new chapters provide insights into a range of additional topics vital for ocean passages and passagemakers, including:

  • Seaworthiness, stability, and other design concepts
  • Options for stabilizing passagemakers including paravanes, active and passive fins, and antiroll tanks
  • Selecting and understanding the critical systems for long-distance voyaging
  • A decision process for choosing a new boat or analyzing the suitability of a used boat
  • An examination of passagemaking models from Nordhavn, Kadey-Krogen, Seahorse, and Dashew, as well as the designs of Stephen Seaton, Michael Kasten, George Buehler, Dave Gerr, and others
  • Highlights of successful and proven passagemakers of the past, including examples from eleven builders and designers
  • First-hand accounts from passagemakers around the globe, including the Mediterranean, Black Sea, South America, South Pacific, Madagascar, and beyond
  • Tips on understanding and predicting weather and waves and what to do in a storm
  • Understanding offshore safety issues, including how to avoid trouble and cross oceans in comfort
  • Choosing and training crew as well as communication tips for a better cruising experience
  • Preparing for and resolving maintenance problems at sea and in distant anchorages

"The list of contributors shows the quality of experience in the pages of this fourth edition. Anyone wanting to join, or at least understand the elements of, the long-distance passagemaking lifestyle will find a great deal of knowledge that is realistic, useful, and timely. You'll keep Voyaging Under Power on your pilothouse bookshelf (or its electronic equivalent) for years to come." – Bill Parlatore, Founder of PassageMaker Magazine

"Captain Beebe applied Navy experience, technical creativity, and an open mind to his self-appointed task of inventing the long-range power cruiser. He embraced ideas that others discarded as readily as he rejected solutions others found indispensable. His path, like all innovators, was the uncommon one and his selfless sharing in Voyaging Under Power literally launched a thousand ships. This Fourth Edition of Beebe's classic draws on new ideas and the accumulated wisdom of today's yacht designers and experienced ocean voyagers to further Beebe's cause and liberate thousands more from the tyranny of dry land." – Michael Jones, Ocean Traveler, Ship Design Collaborator, and Proud Parent of Google Earth

Title: Voyaging Under Power
Author: Robert P Beebe & Denis Umstot
Publisher: International Marine Publishing
Published: January 16, 2013
Edition: 4th Edition
Pages: 448
ISBN: 9780071767330
Binding: Hardcover

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