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Visual Cruising Guide to the Maine Coast

International Marine Publishing


By James L Bildner

When you navigate the coast of Maine, a picture is worth a thousand words

A Visual Cruising Guide to the Maine Coast takes the guesswork out of navigating Maine's intricate, reef-strewn waters, ensuring that your next voyage through this coastal paradise will be picture-perfect.

Inside you will find more than 180 full-color aerial photographs that provide "by-the-picture" navigational guidance for Maine's treasured harbors, difficult passages, and hidden approaches. Author James Bildner has added chart segments and recommended course lines to these low-altitude photos, giving you a unique, at-a-glance guide to sailing around Maine. It's like cruising with a masthead lookout to point the way.

  • Text descriptions of area with piloting instructions
  • Labeled approach lines
  • Low-angled photos with key navigation aides labeled
  • Chart segments from high resolution NOAA charts

Title: Visual Cruising Guide to the Maine Coast
Author: James L Bildner
Publisher: International Marine Publishing
Published: June 1, 2006
Pages: 240
ISBN: 9780071453288
Binding: Paperback