The Care and Feeding of Sailing Crew

L & L Pardey Books


By Lin & Larry Pardey

Despite the title, this is hardly a cookbook; rather it s a primer on successful cruising. Certainly, anyone contemplating, or preparing for, off shore passages would want to read and then keep this volume aboard. A 50-day passage from Japan to Victoria, Canada in 1979 provides Lin a base for discussing everything from menus to clothing, to choosing a fresh chicken, to dealing with port officials, to preventing sea sickness, to buying liquor abroad as well as the best material for underwear.

Lin and Larry have been full time cruisers and professional sailors for some 40 plus years, it s all that they do. They've learned a lot and a great deal of their wisdom appears in this book, where specific situations mix with general guidelines. As a bonus, Lin writes very well. She s able to seamlessly tie one subject to the next in a style that seems like great conversation rather than reading a how-to-do-it text. By structuring the flow of information in and around the process of food preparation while experiencing the joys and travails of a very long passage, she provides the reader with a good cruising tale enhanced with a thousand useful tips. Tips vary from entertaining aboard to coping with money transfers. There are great tips on provisioning in foreign ports as well as a strong suggestion to only go a short distance before anchoring following a farewell party.

Title: The Care and Feeding of Sailing Crew
Author: Lin & Larry Pardey
Publisher: L & L Pardey Books
Published: 14-Oct-2013
Edition: Fourth Edition
Pages: 412
ISBN: 9781929214341
Binding: Paperback