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Small Yachts

WoodenBoat Books


By Charles P Kunhardt

WoodenBoat revived this book in the mid-80s, but it was again out of print for many years.

Small Yachts is such a fascinating look at a wonderful array of craft from the past that we had to bring it back to life. It's packed with sharpies, canoe yawls, cutters, a variety of catboats, plus sneakboxes, bugeyes, and more. This is a careful reprint of the original 1891 book (less some technicals). Re-discover this jewel of a text.

And, if you are into building half-hull models from waterlines and buttock lines, this book is modeler's heaven. For a handy article on just how to do that, see WoodenBoat#182, where Eric Dow builds the lovely Maid of Endor from the lines drawings.

Author: Charles P Kunhardt
Publisher: WoodenBoat Books
Published: June 1, 1985
Pages: 271
ISBN: 9780937822005
Binding: Paperback