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Self Sufficient Sailor: Fully Revised and Expanded

L & L Pardey Books


By Lin & Larry Pardey

Lin and Larry Pardey's hugely popular and encouraging book, the Self Sufficient Sailor, has been revitalized and expanded by more than 40%. "This has been an exciting project for me," said Lin, "especially as I have spent much of the past two years voyaging through the western Pacific on a boat that has not only an engine, but much of the electronic gear Larry and I chose to sail without. This let me evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of what many folks call 'modern equipment.' Better yet, it put me in touch with the people who are out cruising right now. And it is exciting to see that there are young and young at heart folks setting off voyaging on limited budgets and finding fine adventures."

Title: Self Sufficient Sailor: Fully Revised and Expanded
Author: Lin & Larry Pardey
Publisher: L & L Pardey Books
Published: 1-Apr-2019
Edition: Third Edition
Pages: 320
ISBN: 9781929214877
Binding: Hardcover