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San Juan Islands...and Beyond (Autographed Copy)

Karyn F. King

San Juan Islands....and Beyond- A Photographer's Journey (Autographed Copy)

This is the only book that author and photographer Karyn F. King has done. She is an incredibly talented photographer and all of these copies are autographed. San Juan Islands and Beyond - A Photographer's Journey is a photographic tour of some of the most stunning seascapes and marine wildlife in western Washington. Follow nature photographer Karyn F. King as she guides you through the area's magnificent and vibrant beauty with over 100 postcard like images.

Hardcover Book


This book will make you want to live here! - Kieth Baker, San Juan Island Resident

Karyn's photography is filled with inspiration, warmth and great composition, you will love this book!- Laurie Green, Photographer

Karyn has an eye for beauty and the skill to catch it with her camera. Her photography transports the viewer to an idyllic place. - Jenny L. Atkinson, Executive Director, The Whale Museum, Friday Harbor, WA