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Sailors' Secrets

International Marine Publishing


By Mike Badham & Robby Robinson

Sailor's Secrets contains over 1,000 tips, suggestions, evaluations, and nuggets of hard-won advice from more than 300 seasoned veterans.

Instructive, humorous, biting, and challenging, Sailor's Secrets can be opened anywhere and enjoyed. Its wide-ranging chapters cover routine maintenance, understanding weather, safety at sea, storm strategies, piloting, engine troubleshooting, gear and outfitting, and simple solutions to complex problems.

Michael Badham and Robby Robinson have created the nautical equivalent of an experts' forum. Don Casey, Dennis Conner, Bob Rice, Dave Gerr, Hank Hinckley, Bill Biwenga, Sheila McCurdy, Katy Burke, Meade Gougeon, Buddy Melges, Walter Greene, Steve Callahan, and a host of others share the insights they've developed over millions of sea miles.

Title: Sailors' Secrets
Author: Mike Badham & Robby Robinson
Publisher: International Marine Publishing
Published: July 21, 1999
Pages: 320
ISBN: 9780071348690
Binding: Paperback