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Sailboat Refinishing

International Marine Publishing


By Don Casey

Make your boat shine again

No improvement to a tired-looking boat will have a more dramatic impact than refinishing, and few tasks are easier. Here is everything you need to achieve a fabulous finish on your fiberglass boat's bottom, topsides, deck, spars, wood trim, and belowdeck surfaces while saving time, money, and grief.

What reviewers have said about Don Casey's boat maintenance books:

"Astonishingly clear text and illustrations. The reader can almost feel the hand-holding this book provides through each step." – Dockside

"I own many books filled with advice, but I strongly suspect that this is the one I will consult most." – Sailing

"Casey makes tricky points clear in hundreds of illustrations and lively prose." – SailNet

"If you have an older sailboat, you need this book." – The Ensign

Title: Sailboat Refinishing
Author: Don Casey
Publisher: International Marine Publishing
Published: February 20, 2007
Pages: 144
ISBN: 9780071486583
Binding: Paperback