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Sailboat Electrical Systems: Improvement, Wiring, and Repair

International Marine Publishing


By Don Casey

Don't be baffled by your electrical system – handle repairs and improvements with ease

With clear illustrations and simple explanations, Don Casey shows you exactly how to:

  • Install wiring
  • Make good, safe connections
  • Match your battery bank and alternator to your needs
  • Troubleshoot problems quickly
  • Avoid shore power problems
  • And more – all without a lot of technical jargon

"Don Casey's book provides clear guidance on how to create and maintain a robust electrical system. Don's lucid explanations and numerous illustrations make what is normally mysterious and invisible – electricity – into something the reader is able to understand with confidence. An excellent addition to the sailor's seagoing library." – Chuck Hawley

Title: Sailboat Electrical Systems: Improvement, Wiring, and Repair
Author: Don Casey
Publisher: International Marine Publishing
Published: April 21, 1999
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9780070366497
Binding: Hardcover
Series: IM Sailboat Library