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Runabout Renovation: How to Find and Fix Up an Old Fiberglass Speedboat

International Marine Publishing


By Jim Anderson

For those who own a cherished but dilapidated fiberglass runabout, or for those who want a boat but are turned off by the high prices and often poor quality of today's offerings, this book explains everything there is to know about turning a rundown runabout into a real showpiece for a fraction of the cost of a new model. Author Jim Anderson, a runabout renovator from Minnesota's Land of Ten Thousand Lakes, leads readers through the whole renovation process.

For those who think a project like this may be more than they can handle, renovating an old runabout is actually less complicated and expensive than adding on a deck or redoing a room – two of the most popular projects for home handymen. And Anderson's sense of humor and gift for providing simple solutions make Runabout Renovation as fun to read as it is easy to understand.

The backyards of North America house literally millions of rundown runabouts ripe for renovation. With Jim Anderson's help, you can own a better boat than you can buy new, for a quarter of the price or less. And like a beautifully restored'57 Chevy, it'll have class.

Low-cost alternatives for the powerboater on a budget.

Although more people own boats ranging in length from 14 to 24 feet than all others combined, most books published about boat repair and restoration are directed at the "big boat" or yacht owner. In addition, many marine dealers and technicians never seem to have the right answers or the time to spend on people who own "little boats." Hence Runabout Renovation, a complete guide to finding and fixing up old fiberglass speedboats.

You'll learn how to:

  • Choose and survey a boat
  • Make cosmetic repairs and repaint your boat
  • Replace the floor
  • Reupholster and carpet the interior
  • Build a new transom
  • Upgrade electrical and mechanical systems

... and much more. There's even a section on repairing aluminum boats, and one on installing and repairing horns, lights, bilge pumps, live wells, and other speedboat accessories.

"Considering the tens of thousands of fiberglass powerboats that exist today, one wonders why Jim Anderson's Runabout Renovation is so late in coming. Whether you're shopping for a used or new boat, or trying to maintain the value of a boat you already own, this book will prove indispensable." – Richard Lebowitz, Editor, Boating World

Title: Runabout Renovation: How to Find and Fix Up an Old Fiberglass Speedboat
Author: Jim Anderson
Publisher: International Marine Publishing
Published: April 22, 1992
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9780071580083
Binding: Paperback