Photography Night Sky

Mountaineers Books


by Jennifer Wu and James Martin

Photography: Night Sky will give you the tips and techniques you need to take stunning photographs in the dark. You'll learn how to overcome the unique issues that confront nighttime photographers and capture images of which you'll be proud.



Co-author Jennifer Wu, an elite Canon "Explorer of Light" professional photographer, has become renowned for her ability to capture nighttime phenomena, from quarter-phase moon rises to shooting stars to the ephemeral Milky Way. This new guide reveals her methods and concentrates on photographing four principal subjects: stars as points of light, star trails, the moon, and twilight. these subjects share common photo techniques and considerations, but each also requires a distinct approach. Once captured, your digital images must be finished on the computer; coauthor and author of the bestselling Photography: Outdoors, James Martin, delves into the settings and procedures that elevate an image from mundane to striking.



Author Jennifer Wu and James Martin
Title Photography Night Sky: A Field Guide for Shooting After Dark
Edition 0
Publisher Mountaineers Books
Publication Date April 15, 2014
Pages 171
Format Paperback
ISBN-13 978-1594858383


"I strongly recommend this book if you'd like to explore the heavens with your camera. So head outdoors and record the wonder of our planet, solar system, and galaxies. The film's cheap, and there's no reason to ever sleep again!" (National Parks Traveler)

"The techniques are well explained and lead readers through the process... Photo tips the authors impart include photographing star trails, moon phases and twilight; capturing phenomena such as auroras, noctilucent clouds and those mercurial meteors." (

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