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Marine Engineering Illustrations Workbook Volume 2: General Subjects & Refrigeration

USCG Illustrations Workbooks


by Alan Gillis

The Unofficial Study Guide for the new USCG Marine Engineering Electrical Exam

Illustrations Workbook Volume 2: General Subjects and Refrigeration contains the concise discussion of the 180 USCG General Illustrations and 69 Refrigeration Illustrations, carefully matched to the corresponding questions. Applicants for the USCG Marine Engineering License Examination will find this text to be the best study guide available for the General Subjects and Refrigeratioin sections of the license exam. Author Alan Gillis has carefully catalogued each question and developed illustrations, math solutions, and CFR references.

As with Gillis’s other USCG Illustrations Workbooks, General Subjects and Refrigeration discusses the USCG Illustrations and include current questions for each illustration. He also structures General Subjects and Refrigeration as a text so that each subject contains a in-depth discussion followed by the illustrations for that subject with discussion of that illustration. Finally, questions pertaining to that illustration are presented with specific solution material. General Subjects and Refrigeration is as such a study guide, a text, and a reference.