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Marine Atlas Volume 1- Olympia to Malcom Island

Fine Edge Nautical & Recreational Publishing

Marine Atlas Vol. 1- 2018 Edition

Vol. 1- Olympia to Malcom Island

by Frank Morris

After 50 years and with over 350,000 in print, the Marine Atlas is still the only single source for comprehensive nautical information covering Puget Sound, British Columbia and Alaska that Northwest skippers can rely on.

12 by 14 Spiralbound book

  • Proven course lines on every chart
  • Facility location index
  • Convenient size for use on small boats
  • Aerial photos of popular marinas
  • Non-metallic flat-lying spiral bindings

Note: these charts are for reference only; for up-to-date navigation information, refer to a current government issued nautical chart. There are lines on each chart and each line equals 1 nautical mile. 

ISBN: 0-9674750-2-3