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Line: Tying It Up, Tying It Down

WoodenBoat Books


By Jan Adkins

This is a basic primer of using line, rope, twine, string and shoelaces. Think of it as an enjoyable course in making line work for you-tying up a hammock, tying down a tarpaulin, cleating down a dockline or lashing on a cartop canoe. As a gift for a line-challenged mate or a ready reference for your own bookshelf, this practical but beguiling how-to is a must-have. It is an essential introduction to the craft of cordage, illustrated in Adkins' stylish but clear detail, written with wit and enthusiasm.

Recommended for ages 9 and up.

Author: Jan Adkins
Publisher: WoodenBoat Books
Published: November 1, 2004
Pages: 48
ISBN: 9780937822838
Binding: Hardcover

Category: Jan Adkins, withdrawn

Type: Book

Vendor: WoodenBoat Books