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Inside Passage Route Planning Map (North Portion)

Fine Edge Nautical & Recreational Publishing


Northern British Columbia & Southeast Alaska, including Queen Charlotte Islands

Plot your own itinerary and prepare for your trip of a lifetime through the Inside Passage! Route Planning Maps allow a bird’s-eye view of the coastline in one view. Use the references and suggested routes to plan your trip, or just hang these full-color maps up in your office or den. 

Includes hundreds of unique scenic and sheltered routes between islands, as well as the more direct express routes. Over 4,000 place names are alphabetically indexed on the southern and northern portions of this full color two-map series. Descriptions include geographical locations, nautical chart numbers, and nearly 6,000 GPS waypoints. This will help you locate all the named places, as well as hundreds of other coves on each map.

Both North Portion and South Portion maps are 24 inches wide by 60 inches long. The folded version accordion-folds down to 12 inches by five inches for easy flat storage. The laminated version is packaged rolled up in a plastic sleeve.