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Images of America- Ferries of Puget Sound

Arcadia Publishing

Ferryboats have been a way of life on Puget Sound since settlers first arrived there. From the wooden Mosquito Fleet to the sleek art deco Kalakala, the ferries of Puget Sound serve as a cultural icon to visitors and locals alike. Running from Point Defiance to Sidney, British Columbia, the Washington State ferry system is the single largest tourist attraction in the state, with 28 routes and 23 million riders annually. Names like Vashon, Kalakala, and Chetzemoka still resonate with fondness and nostalgia long after they have gone, while ships built the year Lindberg flew solo across the Atlantic will soon be pensioned off and pass into the "Ghost Fleet." In this volume, travelers are invited to look back to the past and bid Puget Sound's "ancient mariners" a fond farewell.

By Steven J. Pickens 

ISBN: 978-0-7385-3087-1