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How to Build the Ocean Pointer

WoodenBoat Books


By David Stimson

Based on the Alton Wallace 18' round-bilged outboard skiff known as the West Pointer, the Ocean Pointer is a bit larger, and a significantly drier boat with a sweeping sheer, able to accommodate a 25-75 hp outboard.

Designer/builder David Stimson created this boat to be strip-built (narrow pieces of wood), which is an especially forgiving building method for the less experienced builder.

This new book provides step-by-step instructions on the building process so the reader will easily be able to determine if this is their ideal craft, and if so inclined, have at it. She'll move nicely through the water, and between that sheer and the aft tumblehome, she has a shape you'll never tire of.

Full-sized patterns/offsets not included with the book)

Author: David Stimson
Publisher: WoodenBoat Books
Published: October 1, 2002
Pages: 57
ISBN: 9780937822722
Binding: Paperback

Category: David Stimson, withdrawn

Type: Book

Vendor: WoodenBoat Books