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Hiking The Gulf Islands of British Columbia

Harbour Publishing

By Charles Kahn

Nestled in the Strait of Georgia between British Columbia’s mainland and Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands are a hiker’s paradise, each boasting an eclectic character and an array of flora and fauna unique to the temperate climate of the southern West Coast of Canada. Discover the panoramic views, inviting beaches and friendly hospitality of the Gulf Islands―all within a short distance of Vancouver and Victoria.

This edition of Hiking the Gulf Islands includes something for everyone eager to explore the diverse and stunning archipelago often referred to as BC’s Enchanted Isles. A chapter, which includes historical and practical information, is dedicated to each island―from the much-visited Bowen Island at the entrance to Howe Sound to the often-overlooked islands of Texada and Lasqueti. Along with helpful illustrations and maps, at-a-glance information is provided for each hike, including a starred rating for the trail, a short description of the hike, its length, the time required to hike it, the degree of difficulty, access points, as well as any cautions for exploring the area responsibly to ensure the protection of these ecological oases. This guide also contains up-to-date information on the islands’ marine parks, including the spectacular Gulf Islands National Park Reserve (36 square kilometres of land and marine area scattered over fifteen islands) as well as paddling suggestions and launch sites for kayakers.