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GPS Backup with a Plastic Sextant

Starpath Publications


by David Burch

No power, and batteries used up? This book and a Mark 3 sextant lets you carry on.

For those who choose not to invest the time and money to learn the full range of celestial navigation, this booklet and a Mark 3 sextant provide a minimum backup kit that can be used to navigate across any ocean.

This book provides a means of learning and executing a position fix at sea when a vessel has run out of power and all the batteries have been consumed, so there is no GPS available. The solution must be compact, inexpensive, and use tables and procedures that are easy to learn and use. This created a minimum kit that mariners will not hesitate to add to their gear to cover the unlikely situation that it might be needed. Mariners who cross oceans in small boats realize they must be self-reliant and cover all contingencies.