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Fifty Wooden Boats

WoodenBoat Books


By the Editors of WoodenBoat Magazine

From the Editors of WoodenBoat magazine

The first in the three design catalog series, this book contains study plans for 50 designs-which range from a 7' 7" pram to a 41' 3" schooner. There are 5 tenders and prams, 7 sailing dinghies and pulling boats, 4 performance rowing craft, 3 power cruisers, 9 daysailers, and 22 cruisers.

In addition there are drawings that identify the parts of a wooden boat, a bibliography, a guide for the selection of various woods, and instructions by Weston Farmer on reading boat plans. None of the designs are repeated in these three books. Some of the most frugal folks we know (the kind that weigh the various loaves of breads on the scale, to select just the right loaf) still can't believe what a great value these are.

Listings show length, type, plan name, designer, plan number, and price.

Author: the Editors of WoodenBoat Magazine
Publisher: WoodenBoat Books
Published: June 1, 1984
Pages: 112
ISBN: 9780937822074
Binding: Hardcover