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Chapman's Guide to Piloting & Seamanship

Hearst Books


68th Edition


For over a century, Chapman has been an indispensable, trusted resource for boating under power and sail. It has sold millions of copies, and is a must-have for virtually anyone who puts a craft on water. Featuring 1,500 color photos, this updated edition covers new technologies, maritime laws and regulations, safety tips, and maintenance, as well as complete discussions of weather, tides, currents, and navigation. From anchors and knots to sailing theory and sail-handling systems, Chapman Piloting and Seamanship explains absolutely everything you need to know.

Publisher: Hearst Books
Publication Date: 03-Oct-2017
Edition: 68th Edition
Pages: 920
ISBN: 9781618372437
Binding: Hardcover

Category: 2020 Boat Show, Gift, withdrawn

Type: Book

Vendor: Hearst Books