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ASA & North U Present - Advanced Cruising & Seamanship

American Sailing Association

The American Sailing Association and North U Present ADVANCED CRUISING & SEAMANSHIP The Official Manual For The ASA 106 Advanced Cruising Course


Description On The Book:

The American Sailing Association is proud to announce a new textbook in partnership with North U. created to accompany the ASA 106 course Advanced Cruising. To teach the high-level sailing and sail trim principles we have worked with Bill Gladstone to update his popular workbook and bring it to the ASA audience.

This book has been created for those looking to continue their cruising and seamanship skills. You will get a deep insight into how to improve performance of your boat in both upwind and downwind situations, heavy weather environments, long-distance cruising, and more.

Here are just a few topics from the book:

  • How understanding Bernoulli’s Principle unlocks the keys to going fast
  • The 3 sources of mainsail power (Angle of Attack, Depth, & Twist)
  • Getting the most power possible out of the jib and mainsail
  • How to fix too much/little weather helm
  • Running wing-and-wing
  • Gennakers and asymmetrical spinnakers
  • Symmetrical spinnaker sailing
  • Broaches, dismastings, and other emergencies
  • Preparing your boat for a long-distance cruise
  • How to address seasickness
  • Anchoring in all different situations including rafting
  • And much, much more– over 180-page textbook!

This book not only helps you improve your performance, but also how to tackle problems as they arise such as what to do if…
...the electrical system is down...the engine won’t crank over...a line gets fouled in your prop...the head is clogged...AND MANY MORE

Advanced Cruising & Seamanship is perfect for sailors prepping to take ASA 106 and skippers looking to improve their sailing skills and knowledge. Here is a chapter listing of the topics covered in the book:

  • Chapter 1 - Welcome Aboard
  • Chapter 2 - Sail Theory
  • Chapter 3 - Upwind Sail Trim
  • Chapter 4 - Downwind Sail Trim
  • Chapter 5 - Safety
  • Chapter 6 - Weather And Navigation
  • Chapter 7 - Coastal Passagemaking
  • Chapter 8 - Heavy Weather Sailing
  • Chapter 9 - Engineering And Troubleshooting
  • Chapter 10 - Coming Ashore