66 Days Adrift: A True Story of Disaster and Survival on the Open Sea

International Marine Publishing


By William Butler

A Powerful Account of Struggle and Survival at Sea

The lure of paradise was unmistakable, and Bill Butler was on a quest to find it with his wife Simonne – riding the Pacific currents on their sloop Siboney, with a world of possibilities ahead. But, twelve hundred miles from land, the alluring ocean showed its deadly side when, without warning, a pod of pilot whales attacked their sailboat, battering it until it sank beneath the waves. The dazed couple was left drifting in midocean in a leaky six-foot raft meant for coastal waters, with only a few hastily grabbed provisions to sustain them. Simonne, who had never truly shared Bill's dream of circumnavigating the globe, blamed him bitterly for their desperate plight.

In this powerful account of their 66-day odyssey, Butler tells a gritty, harrowing tale of their battles against nature, despair, and their own demons. He reveals how he and Simonne found the strength to survive despite the ravages of hunger, storms, and sharks. Based on Butler's faithful journal entries, 66 Days Adrift is both a chilling cautionary tale for sailors with big ideas and an inspiring story of love, faith, and survival against long odds.

"How a lifetime dream to sail around the world becomes a fight to survive." – Yachting

"A vivid account of the complete will to live." – The San Juan Star

Title: 66 Days Adrift: A True Story of Disaster and Survival on the Open Sea
Author: William Butler
Publisher: International Marine Publishing
Published: February 8, 2005
Pages: 288
ISBN: 9780071438742
Binding: Paperback

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