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Navigator's Mechanical Pencil Set

Weems & Plath


The Navigator’s Pencil Set includes a nautical pencil that is great for charting out courses because the super fine eraser won't mar charts when making corrections and the precise lead of the nautical pencil will give a clear course line.


0.7 mm lead (HB or No. 2 hardness) is a special blend of polymers that provides extra blackness and smoothness when writing or drawing. Super fine eraser won't mar charts when making corrections. Eraser adjusts out as it wears down, similar to the way lead adjusts on writing tip. One 12-pack of leads, 2 spare erasers included.


  • Special blend of polymers provide extra smoothness
  • Fine, adjustable eraser

Category: withdrawn

Type: Pencil

Vendor: Weems & Plath