Print On Demand Charts

Captain's Supplies sells Print-On-Demand nautical charts for U.S. waters. All charts are printed up-to-date and corrected to the latest Notice to Mariners. Please note our charts are print-on-demand. These take 1-3 days to print fully and then will be shipped to you

(POD) PRINT-ON-DEMAND technology enables Captain’s Supplies to offer full-size, officially authorized NOAA charts in US waters meeting all Coast Guard and SOLAS requirements, printed to your order with all notice to mariners corrections incorporated into the printing up to within a week or two of the print date. These Print-on Demand charts are now PRINTED IN OUR STORE, to your order.  

LAMINATED print-on-demand charts are also available and are produced in our store.  Allow an extra day for production of laminated charts. A few print-on-demand charts that require oversize paper are not available in laminated. We can also laminate conventional NOAA lithographed charts. 

Print-on-Demand charts are essentially identical to current edition government charts, except that notice to mariners corrections are incorporated, color tints are brighter, and additional coast pilot information may be included in the margins outside the chart. They are fast becoming the standard for paper charts in the marine industry. Paper size may be larger, but the chart itself is the same size and scale as the official chart.

Print-on-Demand charts are printed on heavy stock with waterproof and fade resistant inks, can be marked with pencil, and pencil markings can be erased as with conventional charts. The term "water resist" used in Ocean Grafix nomenclature means the inks will not run if the chart gets wet.

The paper is no more water resistant than that of regular lithographed charts. If you want "waterproof" order a laminated copy. Our Print-on-Demand paper charts are likely more up to date than electronic versions you can buy from software vendors.