Charles Wilkes And The Exploration of Inland Washington Waters

Journals from the Expeditions of 1841

Edited by Richard W. Blumenthal


A follow-up to 2004's The Early Exploration of Inland Washington Waters: Journals from Six Expeditions, 1786-1792 and 2007's With Vancouver in Inland Washington Waters: Journals of 12 Crewmen, April-June 1792, this book offers another significant addition to maritime history in the Pacific Northwest. It follows naval officer and explorer Charles Wilkes, an experienced nautical surveyor who led the Wilkes Expedition through the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the Puget Sound, the Columbia River, and other inland Washington waters in 1841. This book includes the journals of Charles Wilkes and ten of his crewmen, including Augustus L. Case, George Colvocoresses, George T. Sinclair, and other esteemed naval officers. Special attention is given to the many place names that Wilkes originated. The book also includes eighteen of the Wilkes Expedition's charts, the quality of which reflects the crew's careful attention to accuracy. Finally, it includes a complete muster list of the officers and crewmen attached to the Wilkes Expedition, featuring name, title, and, in most cases, a brief synopsis of the man's activity within the expedition.

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