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Voyages to Windward: Sailing Adventures on Vancouver Island's West Coast

Harbour Publishing


by Elsie Hulsizer

A quarter-century of sailing, discovering the West coast of Vancouver Island.

Part memoir, part cruising guide, Voyages to Windward is an account of author Elsie Hulsizer's quarter-century of discovery on the West Coast of Vancouver Island with her husband Seve. Beautifully illustrated with author Elsie Hulsizer's own excellent photographs, Voyages is an absorbing, exquisitely crafted story that will delight all sailors whether or not they plan to follow Elsie’s windward course.


When Elsie Hulsizer was little, she lived on the shores of Puget Sound in Washington where she spent the summers sailing in a small open sailboat with her parents. Her parents would always start out by sailing to windward, or against the wind, so they would have an easy ride home with the wind pushing them from behind.

When Elsie grew up and got married, she and her husband Steve spent their summers sailing out of Puget Sound and up the Strait of Juan de Fuca, always to windward. This challenging course took them up the west coast of Vancouver Island where they were rewarded with a cruising area of spectacular scenery and quiet anchorages that were almost all their own.

They spent the next twenty-odd years delightedly exploring the four sounds, several inlets and countless islands, bays, coves and stretches of unprotected coast between Barkley Sound and Brooks Peninsula. On their trips they survived many hair-raising encounters with wild weather and foaming reefs, met interesting people and discovered the intriguing history of a coast undergoing phenomenal changes.


Author Elsie Hulsizer
Title Voyages to Windward: Sailing Adventures on Vancouver Island's West Coast
Edition Second Edition
Publisher Harbour Publishing
Publication Date August 1, 2015
Pages 216
Format Paperback
ISBN-13 978-1550176865


An Environmental professional with a degree in oceanography, Elsie Hulsizer lives in Seattle with her husband Steve. She has a certificate in fine art photography from the Photographic Center Northwest and has exhibited her art in various galleries including Seattle's Odyssey Maritime Discovery Center. Since 1980 the Hulsizers have cruised northwest waters extensively including over 20 trips to the West Coast of Vancouver Island, two trips to Haida Gwaii and four trips to Southeast Alaska.

Between sailing adventures on Osprey, she serves on the Washington State Board of Pilotage Commissioners which licenses the pilots who guide ships on Puget Sound, and on the Board of Trustees for Seattle's Center for Wooden Boats.