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Able Seaman All Grades Book 2

Marine Education Textbooks


Edited by Richard A Block

The Able Seaman Course for All License Grades is a four-book home study course first developed in 1970 and updated continuously since then. This series prepares qualified candidates for all Able Seaman (AB) US Coast Guard rating endorsements including:

  • (1) Able Seaman — unlimited
  • (2) Able Seaman — limited
  • (3) Able Seaman — special
  • (4) Able Seaman — offshore supply vessels
  • (5) Able Seaman — sail
  • (6) Able Seaman — fishing industry

Book 2 Covers:

  • Pollution Control
  • First Aid and Medical Care
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Aids to Navigation
  • Advanced Seamanship

Able Seaman Books One and Two include text material, illustrations, essay-type questions and answers, and multiple-choice questions and answers. Most multiple-choice questions are taken directly from the U.S. Coast Guard exam question database. The questions are separated by subject and ranked in ascending order of difficulty within each chapter.

The Coast Guard uses the same "deck" question database to test both Able Seaman and licensed officers. Most chapters in the Able Seaman Course for All License Grades, except Chapters 1 and 12, also appear (with different chapter numbers) in our Limited Master, Mate, & Operator study course for a Coast Guard officer credential endorsement and may be used interchangeably for candidates who, at any time, become qualified and decide to work toward the officer endorsement. 

The Able Seaman Course for All License Grades consists of four books:

Title: Able Seaman (All Grades) Book 2, Revised Edition "K"
Editor: Richard A Block
Publisher: Marine Education Textbooks
Published: February 15, 2015
Edition: Revised Edition "K"
Pages: 588
Product Code: BK-105-02
Binding: Spiralbound
Series: Able Seaman License Preparation Course