Pacific Mexico: A Cruiser's Guidebook

Blue Latitude Press


by Heather Bansmer & Shawn Breeding

Pacific Mexico: A Cruiser's Guidebook, is the second edition of the most up to date and comprehensive guide detailing the port towns and anchorages found along the Pacific mainland coast of Mexico. New aerial and updated photography, along with additional coverage on anchorages, soundings and waypoints are added features of the new edition.

Pacific Mexico has in depth coverage of the ports and anchorages used by cruising boats traveling along the Mexican mainland coast from Mazatlán to Zihuatanejo. And for boats traveling further south towards Central America, updated harbor charts are included for the more remote section of coast south of Zihuatanejo to Chiapas.

Each anchorage and port listed in the guide is illustrated with GPS accurate, full page charts. The charts are derived from multiple sources including satellite photography, US and Mexican marine charts, topography and bathymetry data, and the authors' own first-hand exploration. GPS waypoints are included with the charts, depicting approaches, hazards and prime anchorage locations.

Important cruising information such as weather, ham and SSB radio nets, customs and immigration information, marina locations, fuel availability, boat haul out facilities and marine chandleries are among many of the features detailed throughout this guide. And because cruising doesn't stop when the hook is dropped or the dock lines are made fast, city maps, provisioning locations, dive and snorkel sites, and much more are also covered.

Sample itineraries have been included which are based on different schedules to help you make the most out of your time while boating along the Pacific mainland coast.

With stunning color photography, including aerial views of the ports and harbors, this book not only is a valuable aid to mariners, but also a fantastic way to plan your next trip or just to daydream of sunny days along the Pacific mainland coast of Mexico.