Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station


Our best-selling digital weather station, the Vantage Vue is quick and easy to set up for accurate and reliable weather data right away. Current weather conditions are displayed on a digital console, wirelessly connected to the solar-powered rooftop sensor. Track and analyze temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, dewpoint, and rainfall. Add-on Weatherlink software lets you share weather data to your computer and upload to the internet.



Davis weather stations help professionals and hobbyists measure, monitor, and manage weather data. The Vantage Vue is quick and easy to set up so you can start getting accurate and reliable weather data right away. Weather stations are engineered to withstand scorching sun, corrosion, 200 mph (321 kmh) winds, temperature extremes, and more. This sleek and compact Davis weather station is trusted by meteorologists, gardeners, storm chasers, and weather enthusiasts across the world.

Rooftop Sensor

The Vantage Vue’s fully-integrated, rugged sensor suite is built to take all the weather your location can give—freezing winters, springtime thunderstorms, blistering summer sun and brisk autumn winds. The smaller profile sensor suite is designed to minimize visual impact in your yard or on your roof.

Data Console

In addition to displaying current weather conditions and trends, Vantage Vue also tracks moon phases, forecasts, and provides graphs of trends. Unique "Change in Weather Since Yesterday" and "This Time Yesterday" features help users further analyze weather patterns.



  • Integrated Sensors: Rain, wind, temperature & humidity sensors in self-contained Sensor Suite.
  • Quick Install: Installs in minutes with included hardware.
  • Reliable Weather Data: Accurate weather data updates every 2.5 seconds.
  • Wireless Setup: Wireless transmission from station to console up to 1,000 ft (300 m).

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