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The Essential Knot Book

International Marine Publishing


By Colin Jarman

The Essential Knot Book covers all the bends, hitches, whippings and splices used every day by anyone going to sea. It shows at a glance both how to tie the knot, bend or hitch, and how to use it most effectively in situ aboard. The straightforward text and excellent color photographs, coupled with QR codes linking to online video demonstrations, new for this edition, make this a very user-friendly book – a must-have if you're aboard any boat, large or small.

"The book is just what it claims to be, all the essentials. Just what you need to know, done up in a neat handy package ready to put on board." – SAILING

Title: The Essential Knot Book
Author: Colin Jarman
Publisher: International Marine Publishing
Published: November 25, 2013
Edition: 4th Edition
Pages: 96
ISBN: 9780071822350
Binding: Paperback