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Simple Kayak Navigation: Practical Piloting for the Passionate Paddler

International Marine Publishing


By Ray Killen

Learn practical, easy-to-use techniques for navigating the sea safely and confidently

In Simple Kayak Navigation, kayaking instructor Ray Killen explains everything you need to know about plotting your course for a safe and smooth sea adventure. He teaches you dozens of essential navigation procedures specially adapted to the needs of sea kayakers.

Killen's simple, easy-to-learn navigational methods will help you determine your position, ensure your safety, and keep you on track. Emphasizing the importance of pre-trip planning, Killen shows you how to plot your course and how to make adjustments to it when unexpected situations arise. You'll also get advice on navigating in fog and wind, compensating for currents, avoiding collisions, and taking bearings.

You'll also learn how to:

  • Use GPS to plan routes and determine heading, speed, and position
  • Make sense of nautical charts and maps
  • Interpret buoys, lights, and other aids to navigation
  • Make the best use of both deck-mounted and hand-held compasses
  • Use tides and currents to your advantage

Title: Simple Kayak Navigation: Practical Piloting for the Passionate Paddler
Author: Ray Killen
Publisher: International Marine Publishing
Published: May 1, 2006
Pages: 128
ISBN: 9780071467940
Binding: Paperback