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One-Pan Gourmet: Fresh Food on the Trail, 2nd Edition

International Marine Publishing


By Don Jacobson

How to prepare simple, delicious meals on the trail

If you think eating in the backcountry means either cooking out of your car trunk on a multiburner stove or subsisting on dried fruit and freeze-dried pouch food, think again. In the first case you're not really in the backcountry, and in the second case, says Don Jacobson, you're not really eating.

The One Pan Gourmet shows you how to enjoy Mother Nature and enjoy easy, tasty, and satisfying meals using fresh ingredients and only one pan, pot, or small oven.

Don has gathered and trail-tested all the recipes, and he's added some new favorites for this edition. He's also included up-to-date information on cookware, outdoor stoves, and water filtration, as well as:

  • More than 175 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert
  • Vegetarian options and low-fat choices
  • Provisioning and packing advice
  • Weekend menu plans for pan, pot, and oven

"Will improve the eating habits of all hikers. Gives the overnighter a delightful (yet luxurious) addition of tasteful, well-devised meals that require only one pan, pot, or do-it-yourself stove." – Sierra Outdoors

"Jammed full of a wide variety of dishes." – Sea Kayaker

"Offers a unique perspective on using fresh foods in the wild." – American Hiker

Title: One-Pan Gourmet: Fresh Food on the Trail
Author: Don Jacobson
Publisher: International Marine Publishing
Published: February 24, 2005
Edition: 2nd Edition
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9780071443173
Binding: Paperback