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Geology of the North Cascades

Mountaineers Books


by R. W. Tabor and Ralph Haugerud

Composed of everything from volcanic island arcs and deep ocean sediments, to parts of old continents and even pieces of the deep subcrustal mantle of the earth, Washington's North Cascade region is a true geologic mosaic. Here, authors Tabor and Haugerud reveal that the spectacular scenery of these mountains is matched by equally spectacular geology.





Author R. W. Tabor and Ralph Haugerud
Title Geology of the North Cascades: A Mountain Mosaic
Edition 0
Publisher Mountaineers Books
Publication Date May 1, 1999
Pages 143
Format Paperback
ISBN-13 978-0898866230


"If you have ever visited the Cascades and wondered how such rugged grandeur came to be, this is the book for you. A good book for hikers interested in the Cascades, and a 'must' for geology pros and buffs who intend to visit those great mountains." (Sierra Club)

"To weave a lifetime of observations and thoughts into a story accessible to a wide audience is an amazing accomplishment. Visitors, naturalists, and professional scientists will value this book for a very long time." (John Riedel, Geologist, N. Cascades Nat'l Park)

"Unparalleled insight into the origins of one of the most complex and exciting geological areas in the world. Only geologists who have spent their careers actually in the field and love the field as these authors do could write this incomparable useful and beautiful book." (Choice magazine)