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Cost Conscious Cruiser: Champagne Cruising on a Beer Budget

L & L Pardey Books


By Lin & Larry Pardey

The pleasures and adventures of cruising under sail are amazingly affordable, say Lin and Larry Pardey. But to keep your dream on budget, financially, emotionally, and timewise, you have to decide – are you a cruiser or a consumer?

In this book, a logical successor to their Self Sufficient Sailor and Capable Cruiser, they discuss topics ranging from making your getaway plans to finding a truly affordable boat, keeping your outfitting costs and maintenance time in control, then learning to feel confident as you cruise farther ahead. Their chart of the gear considered necessary by many shore side experts, compared to that carried by several cost-conscious cruisers, will give you a convenient checklist to gauge whether you are buying true necessities or overloading your budget and boat with high-tech items that can break down and steal your sense of confidence offshore. Chapters on getting the most from your cruising funds, the attributes of successful long-term voyagers, how to upgrade your boat using your own hands, plus answers to the ten questions most frequently asked by potential cruisers – all will help you prepare to explore under sail. 

Title: Cost Conscious Cruiser: Champagne Cruising on a Beer Budget
Author: Lin & Larry Pardey
Publisher: L & L Pardey Books
Published: 1-Jan-2010
Pages: 352
ISBN: 9780964603653
Binding: Hardcover