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Classic Galileo Thermometer

Global Village Glass Studio


View the indoor temperature in a unique and beautiful way with a Galileo thermometer. This classic model has seven different-colored spheres with brass counterweights, and is a beautiful, functional accent to your home or workspace.



Modeled on the thermoscope invented by Galileo Galilei in the 1600s, these unique thermometers rely on the downward pull of gravity (acting on the counterweighted tags) and the upward pull of buoyancy (acting on the colorful liquid inside the glass bubbles). As the air temperature changes, so does the density of the liquid surrounding the bubbles. Each bubble reacts by rising or sinking, coming to rest in a position where its density is equal to the surrounding liquid. The sealed glass cylinder includes 7 spheres; it registers approximate temperatures between 62°F and 86°F.



  • Approximately 15"h
  • Imported, Handmade Glass
  • Price listed is for each piece, item is sold individually
  • Boxed for display; instructions included
  • For best results keep out of direct sunlight