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Capable Cruiser

L & L Pardey Books


By Lin & Larry Pardey

This revised and expanded third edition of a cruising classic includes 10 completely new chapters with such advice as: sixteen ways to encourage your lover (partner) to share your dream; strategies for turning sudden engine failure into a minor incident; choosing safety equipment; repairing rigging at sea. Their extensive coverage of anchoring situations including how to set up an efficient stern anchor system plus the section on sailing out of trouble if your engine fails, could be the most important chapters you ever read.

All of the original chapters of this book have been updated to ensure that the information will be helpful for everyone who dreams of cruising whether now or soon. The Capable Cruiser is a logical extension of the Pardeys Self-Sufficient Sailor, with more emphasis on seamanship underway, including careful analysis of extreme anchoring situations and solutions for mitigating them. Underlying each and every chapter is the warmth and encouragement that spurred Herb McCormick, former editor of Cruising World magazine, to label Lin and Larry Pardey, "the Enablers."

Title: Capable Cruiser
Author: Lin & Larry Pardey
Publisher: L & L Pardey Books
Edition: Third Edition
Pages: 400
ISBN: 9781929214778
Binding: Paperback