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Best Hikes with Dogs Inland Northwest

Mountaineers Books


by Craig Romano and Alan L. Bauer

Although Mittens is the "star" of Best Hikes with Dogs Inland Washington (that's her on the cover!), more than a dozen dogs, big and small, were enlisted to help select the best trails for optimum canine enjoyment throughout Inland Washington. These trails do not require leashes (except in parks as designated). More than two-thirds of the hikes are on lesser known trails where travel is very light among other users and where you're unlikely to meet horses, bicycles, or motorized vehicles. They offer shade and lakes or streams for your canine companion to play in and keep cool.



Author Craig Romano and Alan L. Bauer
Title Best Hikes With Dogs: Inland Northwest
Edition 0
Publisher Mountaineers Books
Publication Date February 1, 2005
Pages 283
Format Paperback
ISBN-13 978-0898868586


The Best Hikes With Dogs guidebook series offers advance alerts, trail by trail, on any dog hazards to watch for. Additional features include what to pack for your dog, including The Ten Canine Essentials and a doggy first-aid kit.



"If you and your dog are bored with the same old local hikes, grab this book, and head for the hills-take a good book on tape, let Buster hang his head out the window, and you'll both be glad you made the drive to new territory." (Outdoors Northwest)

"Take your best friend with you on a hike and you'll both have a good time by following suggestions in Best Hikes with Dogs: Inland Northwest." (Olympian)