Atlantis Premiere Barometer. Black Dial with Gold Scale

The brass Atlantis Premiere Barometer with Black Dial and gold scales is an elegant statement in any cabin.

Product #: WeemsPlath-200701


Solid forged brass case, polished and lacquered. Screw bezel for easy access to movement. Fully adjustable, temperature compensated aneroid movement with inch and millibar scales. Calibrated for altitudes to 3,500' above sea level. Movements for altitudes from 3,500' to 7,000' are available by special order for an additional charge. Hand assembled in the USA. Provided with instructions and mounting hardware. Lifetime warranty on movement. Optional Mahogany finish wood base available separately (100B or 101B).


  • .5" diameter
  • Forged brass case
  • German aneroid movement
  • Black dial with gold scale