2024 Tide Tables & Dot's Fishing Guide-Puget Sound

Bayless Enterprises

2024 Edition Out Now!


A Daily Necessity for Saltwater Commerce and Recreation. High and Low Tides for 2 months are in view at the same time. Time and Height Corrections for all points within a Tide District are printed between the two Tide Schedules.

Puget Sound and Ocean Beaches edition contains Seattle, Pacific Beach, and Port Townsend tide stations, with correction tables for Hood Canal, Puget Sound, Possession Sound & Port Susan, Saratoga Passage & Skagit Bay, Oregon Coast, Washington Coast, Columbia River, Strait of Juan de Fuca, Admiralty Inlet, Rosario Strait, Bellingham Bay, Hale Passage, San Juan Channel, Strait of Georgia, Haro Strait, and Boundary Pass. Also contains Deception Pass Current Tables, Washington State Saltwater Fishing Guidelines, Puget Sound bridge clearances & signals, and whale-watching guidelines

Each Tide Book also has lots of other pertinent information on everything from boating safety, sharks, knot tying for fishermen, hypothermia, in-water survival tricks, visual storm signals, salt water fishing regulations, motorboat regulations, distress signals, US Coast Guard GPS Navigation system plus an area to record that giant fish you caught. Please note that each area Tide Book is different as to what all is in the book as the contents depend on the area you are located in.

Publisher: Bayless Enterprises 
Publication Date: November 2023
Edition: 2024
Pages: 72
Binding: Paperback