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US Light List Vol VI (2019): Pacific Coast and Pacific Islands

US Coast Guard


2019 Edition

Covers the Pacific Coast and outlying Pacific Islands.

United States Coast Guard Light Lists are published annually in seven volumes and intended to furnish more complete information concerning aids to navigation than can be conveniently shown on charts. The Light Lists are not intended to be used in place of nautical charts or Coast Pilots. Charts should be consulted for the location of all aids to navigation. It may be dangerous to use aids to navigation without reference to charts.

US Light Lists are updated yearly and typically released every January. Weekly updates are available to review and print on the USCG's Navigation Center website here.

Next edition scheduled: January 2020

Publisher: US Coast Guard
Publication Date: January 2019
Edition: 2019
Pages: 329
ISBN: 9781948650878
Binding: Paperback
Series: US Light Lists