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New from Mountaineers Books: Urban Trails Bellingham

June 28, 2017

New from Mountaineers Books: Urban Trails Bellingham

The Mountaineers Books' new guidebook series features trails that are close to town, aimed at those of us looking for an accessible nature outing. Trails explored in these books are those we can get to quickly, via public transportation or a short drive, that offer a quality outdoor experience without the need for special gear or major effort. These are trails perfect for families, first-time trail users, or athletes looking for a quick fix after work.

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The new Bellingham guidebook is the third in the series and highlights trails in the Chuckanut Mountains, Western Whatcom County, and the Skagit Valley. Other volumes include Urban Trails: Kitsap, with hikes nearby to Bainbridge Island, Key Peninsula, Bremerton/Silverdale, and Gig Harbor.

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