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Crabbing Seminar with Bob Grenier, June 28

June 14, 2017

Crabbing Seminar with Bob Grenier, June 28

Learn to find, catch, and cook crab in Puget Sound at Captain's Supplies in Ballard! Local expert Bob Grenier will present tips and tricks to get the most from this year's crabbing season.

Admission is free! Seminar topics include:

What kinds of crabs are in Puget Sound?
What are the requirements for crabs to be legal?
What kind of gear is available to catch crabs?
What sort of bottom and depth do crabs prefer?
What are the seasons?
What are the catch limits?
What do you do after you catch the crabs?
How can you keep them alive until you prepare them?
How do you dispatch them quickly and easily?
How do you cook them?
How do you harvest the meat?
How can you store the meat for later use?
Where can I go to catch crabs?

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