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Captn Jack's 2017 Tide & Current Almanac is here!

December 12, 2016 3 Comments

Captn Jack's 2017 Tide & Current Almanac is here!

2017 Captn Jack's Tide & Current Almanacs were just delivered to the store, and are ready for you to stuff your favorite boaters' stockings with. 

A favorite of local boaters, Captn Jack's is also the only 2017 tide and current guide include data from the new Dana Passage current station. It also has revised current predictions for The Narrows current station and many subordinate stations throughout Puget Sound.

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3 Responses

Ron A
Ron A

November 24, 2017

When do you expect to receive the 2018 Captn Jack’s Currents and tide tables? Looking forward to buying several copies for myself and boating buddies. (hopefully for the Holidays).

Thank you,


July 05, 2017

Hi Jeff,

The annual tables for Captn Jack’s current atlas are not currently published. It’s our understanding that the format the data is presented in has changed, and the folks who publish Captn Jack’s haven’t been able to update their formulas and templates yet.

We’ll be the first to carry any new annual tables when and if they are ever reprinted.

Jeff Edmunds
Jeff Edmunds

July 02, 2017

I am having trouble locating the annual update tables for “Captn. Jack’s Current Atlas, Pacific Northwest, Queen Charlotte Straight south to Puget Sound”

Are they available anywhere?

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