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The 2020 Captn Jack's Tide & Current Almanac for Puget Sound is Here!

December 14, 2019 4 Comments

The 2020 Captn Jack's Tide & Current Almanac for Puget Sound is Here!

Photo of the 2020 Captn Jacks Tide and Current Almanac for Puget Sound against a background of NOAA Chart 18441 of Puget Sound.

The 2020 Captn Jack's Tide & Current Almanac is here, well in time for Christmas and even most of Hanukkah. Rose from Coastwise Press hand-delivered our initial order to us just yesterday, and we shipped out all preorders. We've extended our Free Shipping promotion for Captain Jack's through the weekend, so order now!

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Updates for 2020

Key updates in the 2020 Captain Jack's include the addition of a new current station, Lawrence Point, on the east side of Orcas Island, and NOAA updated quite a few of the subordinate tide stations that appear on the daily pages to be reference stations. The page format was also modified to accommodate the new current station, allowing even more at-a-glance information crucial to boaters.

Tide Height Predictions

Captn Jack's includes daily tide graphs for NOAA’s Port Townsend and Seattle harmonic tide stations, allowing users to quickly visualize a day's tidal cycle. Height readouts for every other hour of the day are printed along the curves and are aligned above their corresponding times. High and low water predictions are aligned beneath the crests or troughs of the curves.

Tidal Current Predictions

Each page of Captn Jack's shows the times and speeds of maximum floods and ebbs, as well as the times of slack water. Current speeds are given in knots, with asterisks used to indicate a current that is weak and variable. Normally there are two flood and two ebb currents each day, but some times and locations may show variations. The average directions of maximum flood and ebb current flow for each reference station are provided in degrees (true north) towards which the current flows.

Tide & Current Stations

Captn Jack's Puget Sound edition supplies data for the following stations. Harmonic stations are bolded, and subordinate stations are in plain text.

Port Townsend
Blaine, Drayton Harbor
Bellingham, Bellingham Bay 
Rosario, Orcas Island
Friday Harbor, San Juan Island 
Anacortes, Guemes Channel
Sequim Bay Entrance 
Port Angeles 
Neah Bay
La Conner, Swinomish Channel 
Kayak Point 
Port Ludlow 
Pleasant Harbor 
Bremerton, Sinclair Inlet
Tacoma, Sitcum Waterway
Olympia, Budd Inlet 
Lawrence Point
San Juan Channel, South Entrance 
Rosario Strait, South End 
Deception Pass (Narrows)
Point Wilson
The Narrows, North End 
Dana Passage

Harmonic Station predictions are based on 37 different cycles of the Earth, Sun, and Moon which affect the tides at that specific location. Subordinate Station predictions are obtained by applying corrections to specific harmonic reference station predictions. Subordinate station predictions are less accurate than harmonic station predictions.

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